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450SL Antenna Replacement Story

Went through car wash with antenna up...broke off but was an easy fix. Found replacement part for 15bucks + shipping on ebay. It was a long nylon rope with teeth on one side. Here was how I fixed it:
1. Grab a friend
2. With the antenna down, loosen the nut that holds the antenna mast to the car.
3. Have your friend raise the antenna, as you help pull it out BUT WATCH THE BOTTOM OF THE OLD ANTENNA'S NYLON'll need to see which direction the teeth are facing. Pull the nylon string all the way out.
4. have the replacement antenna mast pulled as far 'down' as it will go exposing all the nylon string. Insert the string in the hole until you feel it hit the motor gear. Orient the teeth in the same direction as the old antenna.
5. Have your friend lower the antenna...when you hear the motor start, slightly twist the nylon rope clockwise/counter clockwise until the motor should pull the antenna in the hole, just guide it in.
6. Once the motor stops, go ahead and tighten the nut on the antenna mast (use a rag over your wrench to prevent scratches on the nut).
7. Have your friend raise and lower the antenna a few times to make sure it works properly...but that should be it. Usually takes me less than 5 minutes now on my friends' mercedes...its very easy to do
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