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Does anyone have pictures of the 3.6 liter M104 engine installed in the W124 chassis? I'd like to compare it to my conversion.

More importantly, I'd like to put a bigger and cooler airbox for my C36 engine. I was thinking about relocating the washer-resevoir, and installing the heat-shield of the W124 diesel.

Now where can I put my washer-resevoir?
Anyone have an idea?

I just don't have the room on the firewall near the intake manifold like the E300D has.

I've seen a washer-resevoir above the ABS unit, but not on a W124 chassis, hence my quest for a picture of the AMG 3.6 W124 engine bays.

BTW- Here are three engine-bays:

1) W124 diesel: note heatshield around airbox and re-location of washer-resevoir;

2) my 1988 360TE: I want to place a less restricive K&N or the C36 airbox in the space of the existing airbox and washer-resevoir, and install the E300D's heat-shield.

3) 1996 C36 engine bay. Note the bigger air-box, and the washer-resevoir over the ABS unit.

:-) neil
1988 360TE AMG
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