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Jim Collins
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I've had a 420SEL, 1988, for about a month and have put about 3500 miles on it. It had 120K when I bought it. Most of the problems I've found are minor things due to the neglect of the previous owner. I've heard all the stuff about timing chains and don't think it's any more serious than on any other car with a little mileage. I have a friend with a Lexus that just changed a timing belt at 80K, so I'm not worried about my MB. I do intend to it check around 140K or so but so far, the engine makes no odd rattles or sounds and runs great. I had all the fluids changed and put in 5w50 Synthetic Oil. It hasn't used a drop in 3500 miles and has no leaks of any kind. Based on my limited experience, I'd say this is a great car! It's the best car I've ever owned, and I intend to put another 120k on it, at least!