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thanks for the clarification Doc!

I got a hold of Bill Ussery Motors in Coral Gables, FL (MB-dealer nearest the owner) where they discovered that the car had been serviced there, but their records showed a 'S' in place of the first '5' in the number I had.

One of the gentlemen I spoke to said it looked like a German VIN (whatever that means). So were some (non-500E/E500) V8 W124's assembled in Mexico, and issued different vins based on location to be shipped? Seems strange to have a Benz shipped unassembled to Mexico only to be shipped back assembled to Germany for a customer!

Any other thoughts?

Incidently, changing the '5' to a 'S' didn't help anything in the carfax department (No records found). This is strange!

Many thanks,
- Ryan
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