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Hey guys. To be frank, if I actually wanted a fast car, I would buy a FAST car... not a mercedes. Something along the lines of a camaro SS would be faster than any mercedes I could possibly afford and you can pick up a 99 for around 16k. That would be a rocket, but it wouldn't be a mercedes. Im not actually going to BUY any of these intake mods or new chips and such, I just don't operate like that. I know that if I wanted more performance out of my car, a bigger engine would be the cheapest way to go. But im just trying to learn more about how cars work, and I have found (from tinkering with other stuff) that by trying to figure out the hardest possible thing to do (in this case making a m103 more powerful) is the best way to learn as much as possible about something in the shortest amount of time. (And my parents would definetaly not let me sell the mercedes and then buy another one.) This forum has only facilitated my learning curve, and for that I thank all of you. Now, back to the "subject". Jet tronics or something along those lines does sell a chip for the m103 3L engine. Nobody on this forum has every bought it, and nobody can figure out how it works. I emailed the guys that made it a while back, and they didn't know how it worked either... which didn't inspire too much confidence in me. Anyway, as soon as I get some time, im going to do some more research to see if the fuel enrichment mod for the 16-valve would work on a 300E. And notice, I wouldn't be BUYING a set solution, chances are I can scrounge all the components needed from around my house, and even if it gives me no more hp, but better throttle response, I don't really care. My 300E is a great machine, but it has its quirks, and there is no harm in trying to address these issues, especially if it doesn't cost any money
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