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Originally Posted by bgkast View Post
Unfortunately the old relay is sticky and needs a swift tap to turn on the plugs so I am just living with out the dash light.
I don't want to sidetrack this entirely, but with my glowplug problems, I found that my relay was sticking as well, just it was not turning off.

Following a thread I found after a good bit of digging, and possibly another member's suggestion, I opened the box that controls the plugs (sometimes called the relay, but the actual relay is just a component inside it), carefully filed the points on the relay, and tested it again. The newly filed contacts no longer bound up, and the car has been starting (and stopping the glow cycle) correctly ever since.

I don't know if this would be in any way applicable to the current situation, but it's free, and not an overly difficult way to save ~$80 on a new GP controller!
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