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Ok Ill just have to chime in on the subject of the master link. I too have read the threads here and have seen differing opions. I talked to the local MB dealers in Houston and 2 of them confirmed that the link goes on the front of the chain, and is installed as shown in the attached photo. The closed end of the link should be on the leading edge of the direction of travel. I can envision a number of reasons for this. There are centrifigal forces acting on the link trying to pry it open. It probably makes contact with the rails and tensioner as it passes over them and friction would want to make it slide in the oposite direction of the chain movement. So it stands to reason in my mind that one would want to install the link so it tends to push it in the direction of the closed end. Otherwise it might be able to push the clip off. So you orient it so the friction forces push the clip on. Makes sense to me.

So looking at the front of the chain it should be installed as shown here. The MB dealers also stated that they do not use the press tool to flare the master link and they only use the clip type link. So thats the way its done in Houston. Hope this helps.
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