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1992 500E "ASR/limp home mode" problem continued

This thread is a continuation of a discussion in the thread titled "1994 E500 ASR problem" Since my car is a '92 500E, and the thread diverged from the original problem symptoms, I thought I'd start a new one, relevant to my specific symptoms, which are:

Intermittently, and with increasing frequency, the ASR light goes on during moderate accelleration or while cruising. Simultaneously, the car goes into "limp home" mode (reduced throttle response and performance, delayed shifts, no cruise control). On two occasions, the Check Engine light has come on as well as the ASR light. The symptoms are cleared when the car is shut off and restarted. Diagnostic Fault Codes are numerous: 17, 6, 2, 7, 96, 224.

The car has 109K miles.

Well, my "ASR/limp home mode" problems still persist. I've now had the upper wiring harness replaced, the idle speed switch replaced, and finally the throttle actuator replaced. Those are all the items that were covered in the prior thread, and I expected that the problem would be solved. Driving home from the shop with the new throttle actuator, however, the car's symptoms returned.

The technician that installed the new throttle actuator noted another possible step in the puzzle. There was a recall (MBNA 30/4) on the Electronic Accelerator Control Module. On a 500E, the version number of the EACM should be K10 or greater. Mine is K9. So, back to the dealer this morning. I'm looking forward to confidently mashing the fast pedal again!
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