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got to be a head gasket, or worse---any water in the oil? the windshield washer fluid is heated by the cooling water and the heat will evaporate the washer fluid from the reservoir(especialy if superheated by exhaust gas) but you would see antifreeze in the res. if the alum. tube was cracked. get this fixed immediately or piston will bind, bend connecting rod and cause engine to self destruct I own one of these and replaced HG at 200K. I was getting oil in water. I do my own work and when I pulled the head two of the head bolts where not as tight as I though they should be. I think they stretch the head bolts. Had head checked for cracks and flatness also use new OE head bolts (I think after market bolts are softer, best to spend the extra money). If the head is wrapped or cracked I have a #14 head I pulled off, a wreck. If you need it I'll take it to the machine shop and have it checked and sell you the head, pre-cham's, valves etc for $250 the valves look good. I think they can be lapped and installed. Higher number heads are better but hyper expensive to buy. These 350 engines are fragile, making them oversquare causes connecting rod, cyl wear and head gasket probs. Oil has to be changed (I use slick 50 or greased lightning additive) per schedule and keep an eye on anti-freeze and water temp. Fan clutches wear out and cause over heating. Good luck.
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