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The type of clip shown in the photo is the directional clip I mentioned MB used to use.I haven't seen one in years.I did a valve job on a 560SEC a few months ago(sucking a quart every 30 miles)and the new chain came with 2 tiny circlips like always.Also it's my experience that the diesel master links are rivet type which you can peen if you don't want to use that silly tool.For some jobs MB designs tools that you can't do the job without.A good example is the ball joint for many models.On the other hand you wonder what they were thinking with some of their tools.A good example is the special tool to hold the fan clutch on a M103 engine.An allen wrench stuck in a short section of 5mm hose works fine.Anyway I'm curious if anyone has recently bought a chain with a clip like the one pictured.Perhaps I need to stop ordering my parts out of Russia.
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