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The purpose of lubricating the throttle linkage is to provide smooth operation of the accelerator pedal. In extreme circumstances (unlikely, I think), the throttle linkage could potentially bind as they are simply a series of ball joints connected on the end of a cable - as in my '94 SL500. I assume your '95 is similar. If the throttle linkage has not been lubricated for a long time, you will not believe the difference in the feel of the accelerator pedal. It should feel smooth throughout its travel with no hint of binding or roughness. Subjective I admit, but the smoothness of pedal action does allow less jerky acceleration when travelling in moving traffic where changing of engine speed is common; i.e.: moderate highway traffic.

Lubricating the little ball joints is easy. After removing the top of the air cleaner assembly, you have easy access to the end of the throttle cable. Simply follow the end of the cable through the linkage and wherever you see a ball joint of hinge bearing, lightly clean it of debris and put a couple drops of ATF on the joint. Work the ATF into the joint by lightly moving the parts. Reassemble the air cleaner and you're done. All this is done with the engine off, of course.

If memory serves me, there are 4 ball joints on my '94 SL500. However, one of these is tough to get to - at the base of the throttle actuator assembly. If you are lucky enough to have a drive-by-wire system (as in my ’96 SL600), the end of the throttle cable is simply connected to the throttle position sensor and there is only one single bearing to lube.

In addition, if you want the ultimate in smooth throttle actuation, lubricate the cable itself. This is not called out in the MB Maintenance Manual but I do this as an added step. It will require you to pick up a spray can of cable lubricant and a cable lube tool. Both are available at any well-stocked motorcycle parts house. Use of the tool is easy and I wrote a short post on how to use the tool on a '01 ML430. It’s post #15 here… Feedback on ML Maintenance Schedule
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