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Oil Smoke?

Well, I just spent an obscene amount of money to replace the drivers side cam and rockers on my 76 450SL.

Mileage unknown, but car always ran fine and did NOT use oil.

Now after picking it up, I notice bluish white smoke comming out the exhaust. Does'nt do it all the time, but only while warming up and when warm. It seems to get worse as engine accelerates.

I lift the hood and notice clouds of the same type wafting up from both sides of the motor and in the rear.

I can't find anything else wrong, but have observed a small pool of oil on intake manifold up against the valve cover.

Pass. side valve cover seemed loose when bolts were tested, so I torqued them slightly to match the drivers side. Now smoke comes from both.

What does everyone think? Might the valve covers have been improperly installed? Any other possibilities? I don't really want to pull the plugs and do a compression check, but I suppose that is the next thing to do.

Might the mechanic have done some serious damage?

Any ideas anyone?
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