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I used another warranty company, have had one claim. In working with the service writer at the dealer, she remarked that most all aftermarket warranty companies are quite good to deal with.

I went with warranty direct I think is the address. What I like about their product is that it is an exclusionary warranty. Everything on the entire car is covered except for parts specifically listed as not covered. Things not covered include interior bits, trim, paint, and consumables such as brake pads, filters, etc. Zero deductible as well.

For my one claim the warranty paid $700 of the $800 bill, no questions asked, no hassles, no arguements. Of the portion I had to cover part of it was for consumable items replaced during the repair, the remainder was a bit of labor the warranty would not cover - the dealer charged labor time for road testing and the warranty wouldn't cover it. Didn't feel like fighting with either the dealer or the warranty over the last 50 bucks, so let it slide.
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