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2000 C230 ATF Fluid

Hi everyone, I have a quick question that I wasn't able to find the answer to in the archives.

My wife's C230 now has 30K miles on it and I wanted to replace the "lifetime" fill ATF in it just for peace of mind. After all, I want it to last for a very long time and am willing to do the inexpensive things to it that will hopefully prolong it's life.

I have the MB dipstick, filter, gasket, and fluid, all genuine MB items. My question though is with the fluid, the part# is A 001 989 21 03 10. Is this fluid synthetic? It doesn't say much of anything on the container except one note in English that says "For automatic MB transmissions, according to MB specifications for service products, sheet 236.10."

I was hoping they sold me the right stuff for her car, can anyone confirm this from the P/N I have.

Thanks all,

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