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My pleasure Brian. A friend of mine recently told me he heard a lecture from a GM chief engineer, who said GM had done a large study to see what causes breakdowns on the road and leaves people stranded. By far, the top 3 causes were:

1. Tire problems (e.g., flats, slow leaks not caught in time)

2. Running out of gas (no surprise)


3. Cooling system problems.

This is why GM came up with the "limp home" mode on the Northstar engines, which allow you to drive them 50 miles with NO COOLANT at all. We don't have that luxury, of course, so my friend's point was that we all need to be mindful that small cooling system problems, like leaks, can turn into bigger problems if we don't catch 'em in time (he was lecturing me about my procrastination of in fixing a slow cooling system leak at the time!)
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