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brainstorming mercedes AC

While i was replacing the evaporator in my 87 560 SL, and finally getting the thing to cool, I had to remove the heater coil which is on the inside of the AC coil in the air box. while working on the expansion valve and tightening the fittings where i found a leak, I inadvertently touched the heater piping coming into the heater coil from the engine compartment. The thing was hotter than hades.

So i spin the rotor control to heat and the things pours the heat out, telling me that the monovalve works ( since i replaced it last fall.)

So if i am thinking correctly, and since everyone seems to agree that mercedes ACs generally are not considered the primo system, wouldnt this be a problem with the AC trying to cool against two 1/2 inch tubes of very hot water located down blower from the AC evaporator?

my AC is cooling despite the 112 heat index here the past few days, but i was thinking it should be colder without having to battle that hot water piping in front of the evaporator.

Does anyone see any problem with putting a valve in the heating lines coming from the engine to the heater coil, and keeping all that hot water out of the interior? An old trucker told me that he used to do that on his truck, and it made the AC much cooler. Just open the valves when the weather cools and you are back in business. I dont want to restrict any flow of cooling water to the engine, if that would be a concern.

Just looking for ideas of whether my idea would be beneficial. I dont suppose in germany in 87 they had heat like we have here, and the AC was plenty cool enough.

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