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Unhappy Oil pressure gauge works until cluster pushed in

If it was not for bad luck I would have no luck at all!

Today I replaced my speedometer since the original odometer stopped working. Every thing was working fine and I was ready to slide the cluster back fully into the dash. The moment the cluster was fully back into the dash the oil gauge stopped working. All the lights and gauges in the cluster still worked with the exception of the oil pressure gauge. Getting the cluster back out was a nightmare. In the process of removing the cluster I managed to crack my dash!

I checked out all the wiring and connections and could not find anything obvious to account for the problem with the gauge. If I push the cluster partially back into the dash everything works. If I wiggle the cluster on the right side, the oil gauge will go on and off. If the cluster is pushed all the way in the gauge will stop working. It acts like there is a short in a wire. Anyone have an idea what might be wrong? Does the cluster itself have to make contact with the dash to be grounded?

For the moment I am leaving the cluster slightly out of the dash so that everything works. I want to find the problem so that the cluster can be pushed fully into the dash.
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