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91 300SEL stuck in PARK gear selector position

Subject line pretty much says it all. This first happened about a week ago. I turned car off/on a few times and the transmission would pull out of park into REVERSE.

Happened again today. Pull off side of the road for a second, put in PARK, left engine running, then tried to pull out of PARK into REVERSE. Would not budge - stuck in PARK. Shut off engine and turned back off/on several times. No luck. Got out of car,went around back and rocked car back and forth a few times. Restarted engine and tried to pull out of PARK - still stuck. Went thru the engine off/on scenario a few more times. Finally it broke loose and pulled down into reverse. Car seemed to lunge forward a bit?

Any ideas what I'm dealing with? Thanks.

engine off/on
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