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thanks KCM. i have also changed gasses and it is cold without a full charge, according to the new gas instructions for replacement amount. i have to tweak my system according to the charge pressure/temp chart for the replacement gas. i am going to get some help in doing this--my goal for now in messing withthe system is to get gas in there and not leak out---i think i have accomplished that, and think i need about half a can more to tweak it. soi know it will get colder.

I agree with the monovalve function on the car. You have this one valve that restrcits flow through the coil--what i am wondering is, if the valve is closed and operating properly with no flow, will the water inthe heater coil lines still get hot? the line coming into the driver;s side of the car is still connected to the hot water in the engine block, and it seems to me that heat will radiate into that eventually without any water flow. this probably happens on every car and i just dont know it, and the AC system just overcomes this small source of heat. i do know that when i do crack that heater and the monovalve opens, there is definitely mega heat there!!!

i was just wondering if you kept all the hot water out of the passenger compartment, if this wouldnt make the AC system even colder. from what i see about this car, i would have figured some german engineer would have installed 2 monovalves, one on either side of the heater core, to gain maximum thermodynamic efficency of the AC unit by not allowing any hot water to come past the firewall until heat is called for. they seem to over engineer everything else to my way of thinking.

thanks again for the response. I will check my controller again with the button you suggest, and get the gas charge tweaked. i guess i am now thinking too much like an engineer--i have gone deep into this car and AC, and i want every cold atom i can get out of this thing!!!

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