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W210: Brake Rotor Removal?

I am changing front brake pads and rotors on a 1996 E320 (W210). The caliber is a single piston design so it is necessary to remove the caliber prior to pad removal and I have done so and the old pads are out. I also removed the disk set screw so I think the rotor should be ready for release, but the rotor is of a different opinion. I have gently used a hammer to communicate my perspective on this matter, but the rotor is obstinate.

Usually, I work off a manual, but none is reasonably available for this vehicle. Am I missing a step required to release the rotor? Also, If I eventually succeed, on reassembly should I lightly coat the interior circumference of the new rotor with antiseize to facilitate future removal?

As a side comment, the Balo rotors I bought through FastLane are gorgeous.
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