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If it's there, it sure is hiding good. I just cleaned everything up and put it back together but I'm going to wait to put the fluid back in it until I hear definite confirmation on the drain plug non-existence. Maybe I need new glasses...:-)

I see there is a part number for one on this site under the parts section. Anyone know for sure?

By the way, as far as changing the filter and making sure the right amount of fluid is in it is quite easy. At 1K miles I removed the pan and replaced the filter just to make sure all was clean with no shavings from the factory, and it was. MB did an excellent job of making sure that transmission case was clean before it was assembled. That's why I already have the dipstick and have done it before. I didn't bother looking at the converter at the time because the pan and fluid was immaculate so I didn't worry about it. Now that I want to drain it the plug is nowhere to be found. HMMM!!! Maybe I do need glasses.
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