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Couple W126 questions re:560SEL

Today after getting some of the interior back together I ran the car again for some further check out. Here are a couple things I noticed, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

1. The hazards work, all four corners flash but the turn signals don't. I have the hazard switch in place even though the switch panel is not in the car. When I try to indicate left or right nothing happens. Is this the flasher unit or combination switch bad?

2. I exercised the tranny a little more today, let the car register 6/10's of a mile (sitting on stands). Didn't notice this yesterday, but it jumped out at me today - as soon as the wheels started turning the antilock lamp came on and stayed on. Did not come on when in reverse, only forward gears. Sensor problem??

3. Last one for now, should I be able to operate the horn without the air bag inplace? The air bag is out and the crash sensor not yet connected, the horn contacts are right there, but I cannot get the horn to work. I have the city/country switch installed the same as the hazard switch. I'm thinking the steering wheel might need a slip ring kit. Opinions??
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