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Exclamation Why Go To The Trouble To Provide Accurate Information...

When people don't take the time to read it?

First, I gave you the bulb number. It's a #7528, or usually at places like Wal-Mart, it'll be called an #1157. You see, the 7528 is an Osram bulb number, but 1157 is what is called a trade number. These bulbs fit both the '87 and '92 300E's as a front parking lamp/turn signal bulb.

Usually anything ending in "A" is an amber bulb, otherwise, it's clear. I'm sorry if Mercedes dropped the ball after 1982, but my owner's manual actually lists the bulb numbers for everything on my car...

Next, I never said that "it is illegal to have clear side markers/bulbs in California". I said that it is illegal to exceed 5W for the parking lamp part of a dual filiment bulb on your car in California. Unfortunately, clear parking lamp/turn signals are allowed in the CVC.

The turn signal filiment in a dual filiment bulb is brighter by design so that people will be able to differentiate between it and the parking lamp.

The thing is, despite those of you who think otherwise, it isn't so cool for an oncoming motorist to have to look at more white light coming from your car. I like to see an amber markerlamp/turn signal so I know what the other driver is doing for sure, and so I can retain my night vision as much as possible...

And finally, at the risk of screwing myself, there are blue coated bulbs on the market (usually at over $15 each) that present a whiter color frequency (due to the blue filter taking out the "yellow" from the bulb), but I think they suck even more than simple clear lenses with white bulbs.

I believe that upgrades to your "ride" should make sense from a performance or safety standpoint. Aestetics is too damn subjective to be valid in my book. For instance, I just bought and installed a new set of Xenon Plasma 9007 bulbs to replace the stock factory headlamps on my minivan. They illuminate the road better, and give my van an "updated" look. I would not have bought them just for "looks". If they didn't improve my night vision, there would have been no sale.

Before anyone decides on a lighting mod, I suggest they check with their DMV about legality and safety of doing so. As Peter pointed out, some higher wattage bulbs may melt wiring or bulb housings...
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