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Tom 400E,

I have not done this on a V-8, or a W124 chassis car, but found if I did one at a time on my W123 Diesel, I could get the engine to roll over while I was lifting it and that gave me the extra room to get the little shields off, and then the mount out. Leaving the other mount attached and the fasteners engaged ensures that as you lift the engine (off-center to favor the side I was taking the mount out from, but by using a hydraulic jack with 2x4 stubs stacked between the end of the jack and the bottom of the oil pan) ensures the engine twists as you jack it up. I hope this helps you, and good luck. Also, be aware that as you jack up the engine, the whole car is raised by the springs that now no longer have to support the engine weight that the jack is supporting. As a result, you have to jack up on the engine until the front springs are nearly fully extended before you get much relative motion between the engine support strut and the chassis structure that holds the mount. Good luck, and I hope someone with more specifically applicable experience pipes up soon. Jim
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