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Cruise Control was working after changing amp, now quit working again

I purchased my '82 240D about 2 years ago with the cruise control not working. I recently replaced the amplifier with a brand new one since i had a good idea from previous posts that these amplifiers caused alot of the problems. Well, I replaced it and the cruise control was working flawlessly for about 2 weeks. Then, about a week ago, whenever I set the cruise control, it started to hunt for the selected speed....sort of like surging (accelerate and then decelerate). It got to the point that when I set the speed for about 60, the CC would take a while for it to come on line then it would come on and would start surging and hunt for 60. Now when I set the CC, nothing happens....not even the surging. What could be wrong now?

Thanks for your input.

'82 240D
'87 300SDL
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