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Thanks Scott for you both biased and unreasonable reply. Your response is not only spiteful and unhelpful, but shows you ignorance and incompetence of replying to a logical and otherwise meaningful post. Your brash response is neither needed nor wanted. To all others that are reading and responding to this post: thank you very much for your help. Scott's response to the legality of these sidelights provides no solution whatsoever, and his response to what is "cool" and what is not, does not add anything to this thread. I was asking a valid question, and I did not need personal comments based on personal bias interjected into this thread. Scott, your personal opinion and unsuspected "humor" is not needed in a thread asking for help. Your part number was quoted correctly, but part numbers vary from manufacturer. Therefor, your quick-to-judge comments have no place in this subject which is solely based on assistance and aid. To anyone else that can help me with my problem, regardless of the "legality" of the issue, I would be glad to hear from your. Thanks.

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