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gages gone haywire


Seems I have similar problem. But first, what is an ETM? What does the ETM acronym stand for?

I have a '92 300SD which goes haywire when I use the turn signals. This first started happening when I drove the car during a rainy evening. Almost everytime when I use the turn signals (or emergency blinker), the instrument cluster gage needles seem to get "shocked!" Seems as if the instruments reset because several gage needles jump / peg to a zero position and diagnostic indicator lights flash. The gage needles in question are:

1. oil pressure gage needle (and red light)
2. coolant temperature gage needle
3. fuel economy gage needle
4. safety belt light blinks (most consistent)
5. low oil level indicator lights up and turns off
6. battery indicator lights up and turns off
7. "exterior light bulb out" indicator
8. other indicators flash on and turn off.

All this happens at once only during the first 'blink' of the turn signal. If I keep the turn signal on, the gages go back to showing what they're intended to measure. Sometimes, however, with the emergency blinkers on, the needles continually reset with every 'blink.'
This behavior consistently repeats while driving but happens much less (rarely) when the car's transmission lever is in parking position.

I am clueless as to what might be the cause for such erratic behavior. I am 99.9% sure that it isn't caused by water, because I live in Phoenix, Arizona, and it has been at least 4 months since this first started happening. During this time, I've not driven the car in rainy weather at all.

I will very much appreciate any advice on how to diagnose and repair this problem.

Many thanks,


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