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Originally posted by gillybenztech
...I agree that doing this job is not "brain surgery", but MB does specify that the fluid is checked at 80C. I would not trust the other temp markings on the stick to be accurate when they indicate to check at 80C. And even though there are markings for different temps, how do you know what the trans oil temp is? In other words, which temp do you use, you can't tell 60C from 80C, at least not from the standpoint that it's calibrated to what the temp sensor on the contact plate says the temp is.
That's the problem that I had with doing it myself. I couldn't see how to determine when the trans fluid was at 80 degrees, without accessing the trans temp sensor.

My dealer "plugged in" and set the level with the fluid at 80C. Pretty simple, I'll agree, but beyond the capability of my hand tools at home.

Remember the 'ol days when you checked fluid levels at "hot?"
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