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Angry Transmission Again!

The trans started slipping again. I took it to the dealer last Monday, who said it was fine because there were no fault codes, and gave it back. On Friday while my wife was driving up the ramp of a parking garage at about 5mph, it slipped again! The engine surged, tach needle climbed briefly, forward motion fell off, then everything caught and the car continued as normal. Her passengers all noticed it as well, so we took it back to the dealer on Friday afternoon (Factory warranty expires today!).

They said they didn't understand why their could be a problem if there were no codes. I told them that I had once diagnosed and repaired a computer that had perfectly normal POST codes and diagnostics, but still had a delaminating mother board, and that if OBDII was perfect, no one would be developing OBDIII and OBDIV - all software has a bug, glitch, or blind spot!

Problem is, the warranty is over today - once I pick up the car they are likely to be done with my problem in their eyes. I have seen several threads about the 5 speed auto on the C class having some problems - one even requiring a new transmission from Germany. Is this what I should hold out for, since they have had 2 shots at repairing this one? I have the extended warranty that the dealership sold me ("you'll never notice the difference between this and the factory as long as you come here"), but Saturday afternoon they were saying that coverage may not be the same and I need to get this resolved.

Does it sound unreasonable to demand a new trans, get the regional rep involved, Bureau of Atomotive repair, or whatever? I am at a loss on how hard to push tomorrow at the dealer, and what my options are. Any advice would be appreciated!

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