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Originally Posted by wscheffer View Post
It sounds as if you corrected the problem by replacing the thermostat, but is the vehicle running at 100 C with the A/C on?

And do you know if the thermostats opening point is the same as the old one (when it functioned of course)?

This may be the cause as to the drastic change that caught your attention. Cause if it was the water pump I would think you would notice the change in temps over a period of time as the part degrades in efficiency. Not a sudden change as you mention.

I know that my 420 runs at 60 C normally and 80 to 90 C with the A/C on if this helps.
Just took it out for a long test drive with the a/c on. Temp held through all ranges of driving at between the 80-100C indicator lines on the gauge. In stop and go after a good warm up it settled in at just 100C. The thermostat was identical in brand and spec to the one I pulled out. I'm wondering if the old thermostat was faulty and actually stuck open for awhile. The car seems to hit operating temperature significantly faster now than it ever did before, and then runs warmer than it used to. I also noticed the passenger side fender seemed pretty hot when I stopped, which I don't recall ever noticing before. I'm wondering if maybe I could have an exhaust leak heating things up over there. Seems unlikely though as the car is not any louder and not running badly in any way.
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