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Replaced O2 sensor. Thanks for all the help. My hats off to Jim and Arthur!

Car starts fine no more problems. In the meantime, I have discovered two different problems, which the first I have fixed (I think)

1) Aux low speed fan operation. Was checking under the fuse box, and discovered that one of the fan relays (blue relay with 15 A fuse, location B) has a blown fuse. Is the 15 A green one supposed to be on Location B and the green one 30A infront of it in location C? I replaced the fuse and the fans (low) is working now)
Is the Green one (30A) infront of the blue one (15A)? I guess the high speed dumps the load to the ceramic resistor, hence the higher amps. But the low one blew, just checking.
2) Just checked for codes (curious) and found CODE 5. No MIL though. I found out that the Code refers to EGR Valve inop. I read a bunch of stuff on cleaning the pipes, I will try that as soon as I get a gasket for the EGR Valve.
Again, thanks for all your help.

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