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Chris Ecklund
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I have a 1998 300E Turbo-Diesel, the same car in question as the 99. The moderator of this group is going to be doing a article on it in the future. There is one thing everyone has to know about this new Diesel.
It isnt, it is actually a gas engine that is louder than usual.

But seriously, forget everything you have heard, read or been told about the old diesels. If you drive one, you will buy it, end of story.

This engine has the same Horsepower than the 1986 300 Gas series. Dont believe me, check it out on this web site, under featured cars, compare the numbers.

This car is gorgeous, and guess what, I did something the other day, that was till now impossible.......Yes, I spun the tires!

So far, 36 M.P.G., is my best, at between 110-120 on the Highway.,and also, this car has the longest cruising range of any car made.

Dont worry about Benz not importing the Diesel, next year, or this shortage of diesel fuel, you wont need it, due to the incredible cruising range.

The biggest problem, is that you cant buy them hardly anywhere because they are so rare.