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Question W126 300SEL Auto Trans Mystery Contd:

Thanks for all your replies/thoughts etc...

However the saga continues....

I went back to my MB Agent (where the car still is) and he believes that the PRIMARY problem is that the car, when hot, moves off with the car in NEUTRAL. Everything else is caused by this.

In his own words:
"trans works correctly until 30 minutes of use, eg starting and stopping continually ( driving) at which time the trans temp has risen.. Then the vehicle tries to move off in NEUTRAL. The usual whine heard when in NEUTRAL is no longer apparent and it appears that the front planetary unit set stops turning. B1 clearance is correct. K1 clearance is correct. Temprature valve has been replaced."

Other items that were replaced were, the 12 Discs, 2 Bands, filter, all gaskets (including valve body) & seals, 1 bearing and a modulating valve.

Some lateral thinking required???

Thanks again
(The Buzzard)

89 W126 300SEL (The problem !!)
80 W123 250
80 W123 280
80 280SE
72 250CE
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