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Thumbs down Gee Brian, No Need To Be Weird...

Sorry, But you need to re-read the posts I made. Calm down, and try to show some appreciation when someone is trying to help you, even if you don't agree with EVERYTHING they say. Just because you don't read what you want to see, is no reason to lash out at someone. If you see something biased, unreasonable, spiteful and unhelpful about me providing rational and factual information, It's all in your interpretation, not in my intent.

As for the issue of legality, we are bound to not post advice on these forums that is illegal or leads someone to knowingly break the law. It's in the fine print of the agreement we all sign off on when we become members here. I am obligated to advise you of what's legal because I know better. You misinterpreted what I posted about the CVC, so I posted a correction. Then you responded with this display of your personal "maturity".

I gave you valid and unbiased information. Facts speak for themselves. My opinions are mine, and we are both entitled to disagree. We are all entitled to express our opinions on these forums. If anyone has a personal problem with an attempt of another member to provide help, then they should be mature enough to take it to email and see what the problem is. It might just be a simple misunderstanding.

Remember one thing, I never personally insulted you. Calling me ignorant, brash, and incompetent is both fatuous and asinine. You obviously don't know me very well at all, and you have no right to be insulting. Perhaps it would help if you were as eloquent in expressing just what it is you need help with as you are in hurling insults? If you have to be rude, I simply will refrain from responding to your posts seeking help in the future. Your loss, not mine.

I think you are clearly out of line, and that you owe me an apology...
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