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Another new thermostat

You had me wondering about the thermostat I put in the car. I checked the box it came in and sure enough the box said 87C, not 80C! So I went to the dealer and bought an OEM thermostat (which surprisingly was cheaper than Autozone at $35US instead of $42.) Of course when I took the replacement thermostat out of the car it was marked 80C! So I put in the OEM part anyways and returned the first one and got my $42 back. Surprisingly with the OEM part the car is running cooler at around 85-90C as indicated on the gauge. I suppose its possible that I simply had some air in the system and it took some running to work its way out.

I did notice a metal ring lying inside the overflow tank when I was siphoning off some fluid for the thermostat shuffle. I read another post on here that said the crimped part of the cover ring had come off, and I'm wondering if this is what it is. Its too big to pull up through the opening, so it had to come from inside. Possible I'm losing pressure around the neck, but I dont see any fluid seepage or smell coolant.
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