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Hello Folks,

What I had the most is to get lost in the Benz. There are places unknown to me in Downtown L.A. (where clients are). I some times go with Yahoo map before leaving but still..things happens.

Anyhow, I've been looking at NAV. system, does anyone have experience or have one they like?

The dealers are recommending the Phillips Carin ( it talks to ya ).

I've been looking at the Clarion Autopc (, this one is more advance with a Windows CE running and it acts pretty much like the computer in Knight Rider. You can talk to it, ( autopc, do this, do that, call office, play CD disc 5, it will give you road directions...).

I haven seen none in person yet.

Also, there's one for the M-class, which is mounted on top of the dash, I've heard it's acurate to the feets.

What do you folks think?
Any input?

Happy Cruzing...

-Opera Design Silver E320 99"
-245/275 P-Zero 19"