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Women are very fussy about colors, so pay heed to that rfequirement. I guess either Signal Red or Cabernet, it will have to be. But, there were quite a few signal red ones sold. Lots of women got them when new, and regarded them as fashion accessories. Not very many were the owners only cars either, so not that many got really thrashed or driven hard. But that isn't to say they were all well looked after and maintained.

If maintained well, the transmissions should last to about 250,000 miles without problems. These are nice, robust, sturdy cars with 227 hp, and drink premium fuel. They look good even today, and parts are readily available for them.

Check all the records for what has been done on this one. Not in the owners manual, but regular maintenance at 100,000 miles or so would include getting a new timing chain, tensioner and guide rails, and especially urgent or advised at this time and mileage if it has not yet been done. The upper chain rail guide when new is white but over the years hairline cracks can develop in the plastic, and the old ones look root beer brown. When they let go, (most often on the left side) it's not pretty.

More tips about the 560 engine, and used Mercedes buying in general are here:

I co wrote that with the site owner back in 1999 but a lot of it is still pretty valid today, though not the prices obviously..

You may need to buy a hardtop hoist or hardtop stand for it, after you get the car. Just a thought .
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