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300CE strange idle behavior

Looks like every one with W124 got idle problems here.
My problem is this - when i am at the light, car is in gear the econo gouge goes 1/4 - 1/3 of "zero". Idaling at about 700 but it feels strained. If I put the car in netural, econo goes back to "zero", but idle rises to above 1000. There is a post mentioning idle actuator motor and problems with cruise control.
Well... my cruise control does act strange, you can feel that instead of smooth driving it drives in surges even though its barely noticable. It also cut out on me by itself once.
What can be cousung the idle problems?
90' 300CE
17" Intra Signums
Brulen mufler
Euro Headlights/Clear Blinkers
White gouges (made my own)
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