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That's actually my engine. Paul helped me re-size and post the picture. Thanks Paul!

I don't think it's especially clean right now, but I do clean it once a year or so. I use a Craftsman 5 hp pressure washer with a Honda engine. I LOVE that pressure washer. I turn the pressure way down. I spray the whole engine with degreaser and let it soak a while. After blasting it off it looks new again - these MBZ engine bays clean up nicely. I know all the pros and cons, but I like it clean.

mplafleur, it has only been about 2 1/2 weeks since I did the work, and maybe 500-600 miles. I checked the oil a couple of days ago and it hadn't used any. I have about 2,300 miles on that oil, so I will be changing it in a couple of weeks. In a 3,000 mile interval, it tends to use a quart in the first 2,000 and another quart in the last 1,000. I attribute this to the oil breaking down and thinning. I'll report back after the next 3,000 mile run and let everybody know if my oil usage was reduced. Since the sealing lips on the inside of the seals were worn flat, I have high hopes that the consumption will be history.

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