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If you find the control unit is at fault and have access to a soldering iron, or know someone with some knowledge in electronics.
Resolder all the joints on the small rectangular plastic capasitors, usually red, green and somtimes orange in color.

As with most control module in these cars cruse control, idle control etc.
These capacitors have very bad joints on there leeds, I feel they must have been slighly oxidised before they were installed and the flux in the solder was not enough to clean them. The bad joint is very hard to spot with the naked eye, but becomes apparent under a microscope when you tug on the component (you can sometimes pull it streight of the board)

Also ther is a large 3w resistor on board that can run warm and can dry the solder joints out on its leeds creating an unreliable connection.

The the power to the ICV is square wave or pulsed DC at approx 512HZ, that will vary it's pulse duration as the engine warms up or the A/C or Neutral switch is engaged. So if you mesure the voltage with a digital meter it will average it and seem quite low in value not the full 12V as you may expect.

The ICV valves themselves can gum up causing a high idle, if your lucky you can spray CRC or better yet some carby cleaner repeatedly in it oriffices let it soak for a while blow it out and give it another try.

Good luck


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