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Personal observations off my car...

Euro-spec early 107s may have had cloth, Tex, or leather interiors. US-spec cars were Tex or leather. Regardless, the consoles and other interior soft parts were color matched to the basic interior color; i.e. blue interiors had blue dash, consoles, facias, A-pillars etc. There was no wood option until much later in the series. Nice wood kits are available at reasonable cost and are a good idea because virtually none of the interior parts are available in the various colors. One exception is the consoles...these are available in black and tan but are the later style that use slip in side carpet panels rather than the glue-on carpet of the original 72. Knobs are black rubber on the shifter and facia controls.

The Tex interior was/is interesting in that it had two colors mixed up. The door panel insert and seat pleats were slightly darker and an open heavy texture as an accent. Quality control was an issue for color parts. My car has no less than four shades of red...two planned and two most likely due to sourcing from different suppliers.


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