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Thanks for the observations 230/8.

That was more or less what I thought. I have no idea how mine came originally, as it was all replaced or covered with homemade wood.

Most of the models that made it to the US were Automatics and so a lot of the colored vinyl/plastic consoles were replace by readily available aftermarket wood by their American owners as they aged (so as not to be outdone by their neighbors later models). Just before I saw the car noted above on ebay I received a "black" non-power window shift console that turned out to definitely be navy blue. (I paid too much for it, but it's perfectly mint if anyone needs a navy 107 shifter console w/ only the shifter hole & hazard switch punched out. I'll take a loss if anyone needed it for their manny 107.)

I would have no problem replacing it w/ a wood one, but try to find a wood console w/ power window delete. And I'm terrified of what the dealer would want for a new one, if they could even get it from Germany...

The search will continue. Now if only I can learn German to hunt
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