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update on 450 sl

pulled the fuel tank and cleaned it twice with POR 15 products from Classic Restorations in Lake Placid Florida. Tank is now shiny inside. Replace fuel pump and filter. Started fine, went down road car backfired tried to stall, basically was a mess. Read thread after thread and thought possibly a bad coil. What I found was the connector in the distributor for the coil wire was snapped off and held in place by rubber boot. New cap and rotor. Still runs bad. So I attack the vacuum lines again and find a line from the intake manifold to the side of the fuel distributor was crimped under the retention plate for the #1 injector. Did a temp fix until I get new line from dealer tomorrow, used hose so I could drive and test it. Runs better but not great Seems sluggish could be timing or another vacuum line issue. Thanks for the help. Could anyone tell me what the crimped line does for the fuel distributor, I can't find anything in the limited documentation that I have.

Thanks again

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