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There is a small bolt attached to the rear of the moulding which goes through the door. It is hidden behind the rubber seal on the inside of the door.

It is on the rear vertical part of the moulding, about half way down. it's accessed through a small hole in the inside of the door and it a PITA to remove and even harder to screw back on. There are various techniques posted on the forum.

Once the screw is removed you can ease the moulding off. As I recall the rear pulls out and then you have to push (thwack) it forward as the forward mounts are u-shaped.

I cannot remember at which stage you remove the chrome trim strip. I think it slides off to one side or the other.

If you cannot find instructions here or on www.**************.com pm me and I will look up the shop manuals which I have at home.

it's rather complicated for so simple a part and if the vehicle has been painted by a shop that does not know this model it has probably been buggered up and glued back on (don't ask me how I know....)
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