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Why are you overfilling the injection pump? They don't hold too much oil. There is a screw near the bottom that you remove, and then add oil under the red "oel" cap until it comes out that drain hole. There is also another overflow drain tube that will leak oil & fuel if the IP is overfilled. It might drip from there for quite a while until things are at the proper level. My car always seems to leak a little something after I service it, but it stops; amazingly my car doesn't leak any fluids at this moment (knock on wood).

If it is indeed leaking from a seal, I think a diesel injection shop that works on Bosch pumps would be the best bet to refurbish the pump, although with a car this old, it might be more economical to find another 220D in a boneyard and get a complete IP from it. Also **************.com has good used injection pumps from time to time, for not too much money.
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