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The cluster on my 1990 500sl, 67k, was haunted. Speed was off, temp gauge was tempermental and needed tapping to show corect temp and the lights flashing when turn signal was in use.
Repairs cost about as much as a replacement. The origional had 2 small chips where some gorilla had yanked it out before me.
The replacement cost me about $400 , no chips, works perfect.Install was easy using the bent coat hanger tool and watching the video 10 times. The hardest thing was judging how far back in the cluster the grab part was. I kept trying to grab the cluster 3 inchec back when it was really inly 1/2 inch back of the front.

The cluster came from Potamic-german, other parts I have gotten came from Millers and Adsit Company.

My car is almost done, not to much left to replace. Sad and happy at the same time.
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