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I shorted out a loose wire in my trunk trying to repair a faulty tail light,prior to that the dash cluster worked fine .it started running sequence and then totally quit. I have the car at a very good shop called Prestige auto in Edmonton Alberta they tried local and were told it cannot be repaired. We found a shop in Toronto Ont. called, anyone know of them,,he sounds like a no bs guy said he worked on 3 1990 clusters, 1 repaired other 2 he could not,I guess it depends on the part #..... will give him a try Brian123 would you have a # or address where you bought yours,MB wants 2k cdn ouch!! and it would be back ordered Thanks guys,this forum is great. I just bought my 500sl at an auction turns out not as good a deal as first thought?????? but were not crying to bad,learning lots about the car ,love the handling and the ride...great cars.
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