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Is the sensor/switch in the T-stat housing with 3 terminals for turning the fan on/off?

No continuity between any terminals nor between any terminal & ground.

The sensor sitting vertically in the water passage of the intake manifold w/2 terminals (front-drv side of engine under the air filter) is for the electric fan?
If so then the resistance of the sensor is 2.51k @ 90-95F ambient air temp. Tested it when I got home after a long hot day in the driveway, coolant must be at least that temp. Tested again next morning w/ambient air at 75F, resistance up to 4.1k

From what I have seen on other posts the resistance is too high. Replace?

Where is the fan relay?

I see mention of an A/C lock out sensor in the parts section, is it what I think it is? Cuts off the A/C when the engine temp is too high? Or am I thinking too much?
I also see an Aux Fan Switch (1 terminal) mentioned that looks like the sensor mounted next to the 3 terminal sensor in the t-stat housing (it also looks like the A/C lock out switch). No continuity here either between terminal & gnd at 90-95F ambient air temp.


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