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I agree with Fad, check the non factory wiring if there is any. cell phone charger, radar detector, stereo. If you see any electrical tape replace it with shrink tubing or remove the wiring completely. I had a truck once that had some wiring from an alarm that had shorted out, unbelievable amounts of smoke and a 3 foot section of wire was glowing red hot and caught the carpet on fire.(it ran under the carpet) I was able to pull over and I just pulled the carpet section out and yanked the wires out. Some one had shorted the fuse out. I guess the truck was really at risk of being stolen! Amazing what some people will do when playing with electricity. May make you think twice about those driving lights you are thinking about adding! Just make sure you are careful with the wiring and you should be ok. You can usually do a better job than most electronic shops will. Just have to take your time and use a soldering gun. Make sure you use shrink tubing on all joints.
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