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Seems we're posting quite effectively on two different forums. These are all good questions. I'll answer them to the best of my ability.

I don't know what the pressures are as I don't own a set of gauges. Seems I wasn't focused on the system basics and was think more along the lines of a control issue.

The belt is tight. Checked that.

I beleive this does have a Klima Relay, however I don't have to shut off / restart the engine to experience a recovery.

I don't believe the compressor is cutting out, however I didn't rev the engine with my eyes on the compressor clutch. And I didn't hear the compressor click off/on if that's any indication.

The aux fans are working (low and high speed). It may have been converted to R134 and I don't know if the system is overcharged.

Maybe it's time to visit the local shop who has a set of guages and can tell me what's going on inside or maybe I'll just buy a set of guages and test it myself.

What about the expansion valve? Could a failure of this cause these symptoms?

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